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Graphene Could Be The Next Step In Hair Dyes

Graphene Could Be The Next Step In Hair Dyes     It Would Be Sprayed Over The Hair, Forming A Thin Coating, Instead Of Chemically Changing The Color – Among Other Many Benefits     Hair dyes permanently change hair color by oxidative processes. Many of the dye’s ingredients are toxic and even carcinogenic….

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Understanding Why There Is Curly Hair And Straight Hair

Understanding Why There Is Curly Hair And Straight Hair     It Is Related To The Cell Distribution On Hair Strands     Many people with curly hair are not happy with it and have to go to the salon to get the hair straightened. Researchers have studied curly hair and its properties while…

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A New Drug For Alopecia Treatment Seems Promising

A New Drug For Alopecia Treatment Seems Promising     It Has Shown Positive Results For Alopecia And Psoriasis But Requires More Research     Recent research for treating male pattern baldness includes a new type of drug called JAK Inhibitors. They regulate the body’s auto-immune system and could help in the treatment of…

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Tying Up The Hair At Night Can Cause Hair Loss

Tying Up The Hair At Night Can Cause Hair Loss     It Is Called Traction Alopecia And Can Cause Hair Thinning And Follicle Inflammation     When going to bed, women with long hair causes the sensation of heat and might get uncomfortable. A solution is to tie it up, which refreshes the…

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Understanding Why The Hair Turns Gray

Understanding Why The Hair Turns Gray     Emotional Conditions Or Health Issues Can Cause Gray Hair     Gray hair is considered a sign of old age, but there are relatively young people with gray hair. The fact is that there is not much research on the exact causes that makes hair turn…

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The Actual Trend With Eyebrows Is To Grow Them Back

The Actual Trend With Eyebrows Is To Grow Them Back     If Here Are Brows To Grow Back, You Can Try Microblading – Learn About It     Many women have lost their eyebrows due to constant plucking. However, the actual trend is to have them back. Some have some brows that can…

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    Hair Loss Treatment Based On Platelet-Rich Plasma

    It Is Injected Into The Scalp And Stimulates Hair Follicles, Promoting Hair Growth And Density


    What Is The Effect Of Finasteride On Preventing Hair Loss?

    According To Specialists, It Works Better If Combined With Other Hair Loss Medication Called Minoxidil


    If All Hair Loss Treatments Have Failed, Maybe It’s Time To Consider A Hair Transplant

    However, There Are Several Points To Evaluate Before Making A Decision


    Women Can Prevent Or Delay Hormonal Hair Loss

    Unlike Men, Female Hair Loss Occurs In The Parting And In The Hairline


    A Poor Diet May Cause Premature Hair Graying And Skin Aging

    It Affects Certain Lipids That Protect The Skin And Affect Hair Pigmentation


    An Unwanted Side Effect Of Hair Loss Can Be A Loss Of Self-Confidence

    It Is Important To Act Confidently And Avoid People With Negative Comments


    There Are Alternatives For Thicker Eyebrows, Such As Eyebrow Wigs And Transplants

    Eyebrow Transplants Are Similar To Hair Transplants, In Which The Surgeon Grafts The Hair From The Back Of The Head


    New Chemotherapy Procedure Could End With Hair Loss And Other Side Effects

    It Consists Of A Spray That Is Applied To The Tissues Near The Tumor Cells


    Essential Oils Can Also Help Slowing Down Or Preventing Hair Loss

    They Can Also Treat Dandruff, Eczema, Increases The Number Of Follicles And Unclogs Them, And Promote Blood Circulation To The Scalp, Among Others


    Videos Of Dandruff Scraping Can Be Really Seborrheic Dermatitis

    Besides Being Gross, Imitating These Videos May Lead To Scalp Skin Injury And Hair Loss


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