Dealing with Hair Loss or Alopecia

Dealing with Hair Loss or Alopecia There are natural as well as artificial hair loss treatments. Each has its own benefits and significance. A treatment suiting one might not suit another. Hence it is important to understand and try what solutions works for you. Artificial hair treatments for hair loss include the use of hair creams, tonics and supplements that are clinically tested and tried. Causes The reasons for thinning are many. Some have hair loss due to genetic reasons …

Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss Although hair is not essential to life, it is of sufficient cosmetic concern to provoke anxiety in anyone when it starts thinning, falling, or disappearing. To a woman, the sight of a comb or brush covered with lost hair can cause intense mental strain. Hair is formed in minute pockets in the skill called follicles. An upgrowth at the base of the follicle, called the papilla, actually produces hair when a special group …

Natural Cures for Hair Loss

Natural Cures for Hair Loss Natural cures for medical ailments have taken off in recent years. More consumers are looking for ways to treat their problems without having to see a doctor or be forced into taking prescriptions. While there is not a known natural cure for everything, there are natural cures for hair loss. Before the birth of these natural cures men and women would have to use either over the counter products which can actually dry out the …

Hair Loss Among Children

Hair Loss Among Children Alopecia of kids is primary reason of hair fall in children. In United States itself around two million kids are afflicted with Alopecia. Although a good chunk of kids could be treated successfully, many kids are unable to re-grow hair and that make them live with the life time embarrassment and agony of not having hair on their scalp. Also consider taking vitamin C and E supplements in addition to increasing your intake of foods that …

Wigs for Hair Loss: Alopecia

Wigs for Hair Loss: Alopecia One of the reasons someone may require the use of a wig or hairpiece is the medical condition known as Alopecia. Alopecia is the general term used for hair loss. The hair loss may appear as a small bald patch on the head or the loss of all the hair, even throughout the entire body. This can be very distressing for the individual and as the head is what is seen most by people, it …

Natural Hair Loss Cures

Natural Hair Loss Cures Medicine men may have had some answers before the age of modern medicine and chemical laboratories, healers and medicine men had natural products for hair growth and replacement. Some of thee are still exploited today with varying results. Strictly speech production all hair loss products could be considered natural as they are produced from elements found on Earth. For purposes of this discussion however a natural remedy refers to any ingredient as it is found in …

Inositol And Hair Loss

Inositol And Hair Loss Introduction Over 40% of hair loss in the United States is in women while 65% of men will experience some sort of hair loss by the time they are 35 years old. If you are suffering from hair loss it may be because of a deficiency in inositol. What is inositol, how does it benefit the human body and where can I get? What Is Inositol Inositol is a member of the B-complex vitamin family and …

Find Out What Causes Hair Loss

Find Out What Causes Hair Loss Many men and women suffer from hair loss. Daily hair fall is normal, however when you lose too much, it could lead to baldness. Loss of hair is caused by different things so before searching for treatment, try to figure out what exactly has caused this condition in you. Finding out what causes hair loss can aid you in eliminating this condition so get all the details you can about why it is happening …

Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss The most common type of hair loss encountered in men is called male-pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia.) This condition leads to hair width progressively decreasing until the hair is completely gone and baldness develops. Hair loss is never fun to deal and unfortunately, it’s something that everyone has to deal with eventually, young/old, men/women, it’s inevitable. – If you brush your hair, use a brush that’s soft and dry; do NOT brush your hair if …

Try Herbal Hair Loss Treatments

Try Herbal Hair Loss Treatments If you find yourself losing hair and have been using a lot of different products with no effect then you should try some herbal treatments. Herbal treatments can help you stop losing your hair. Stop spending so much money on expensive medications and products that just don’t really work. Save money on these treatments and try some herbal treatments that cost a lot less money and work just as well if not better. Try these …


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