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Traction Alopecia Is Caused By A Continuous Tension Of The Hair Due To Certain Hairstyles

Constant Pulling Will Eventually Result In A Thinning On The Hairline And Can Lead To Permanent Hair Loss

Gray Hair Is A Sign Of Aging, But Can Also Show In Young Adults Of Children

It Can Be Slowed Down Or Prevented With Natural Products, Such As Amla, Coconut Oil, Or Aloe Vera

Platelet-Rich Plasma Is A Hair Loss Treatment For Male Pattern Alopecia

Patients Have Shown Improvement In Hair Density, Strength, And Hair Thickness

Vitamin D Is Fundamental For Many Body Processes, But Its Deficiency Is Not Easy To Detect

One Of The Signs Is Hair Loss, Because Of Its Role In Follicle Growth

Hair Loss Due To Alopecia Can Be Delayed Or Avoided With A Proper Diet

Sugary Foods Must Be Avoided, As Well As Processed Food, And Fast Food Sue To Its High Salt Content