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Accepting Hair Loss When It Is Inevitable

The Idea Is To Slow It Down As Much As Possible

A Healthy Diet Is A Foundation For Long And Shiny Hair

It Must Include Salmon, Broccoli, Sardines, And Dark Chocolate

Chemotherapy Can Be Used As Treatment For Other Conditions, Besides Cancer

However, Side Effects Are The Same

Check These Natural Homemade Oils For Hair Treatment

They Will Help With Hair Loss, Premature Greying, Breakage And Dandruff

Alopecia Treatment Based On Transplant Of Intestinal Bacteria

It Resulted In New Hair Growth In Head, Face And Arms After 8 Weeks

Taking Care Of Curly Hair In The Cold Season

It Requires More Moisturizing Due To The Follicle And Hair Type

Using A Wig Requires Special Care For The Natural Hair Under It

It Can Suffocate The Follicles And Cause Breakage

Hair Loss Can Be A Symptom Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Other Symptoms Are Extreme Tiredness, Sleepiness, And Pain.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not For Everyone

There Are Restrictions For Certain Hair Colors Which Do Not Work With The Laser

Getting Thick Hair The Natural Way

Among Them Are Avoiding Sulfate-Based Shampoos, Daily Washing, And Excessive Use Of Dry Shampoo