Does Chlorine Affect Hair Loss?

Does Chlorine Affect Hair Loss?

For several years, the response to the concern of whether chlorinated water in the swimming pool triggers hair loss stays a puzzle. Different researchers have actually long suggested regarding whether the high degrees of chlorine in swimming pools have some unwanted effects on the high quality of hair.

Effect Of Chlorine In Hair Loss

Now, let’s shed light on this unanswered secret. Permit’s take a closer review chlorinated water of swimming pools. Is hair indifferent to it or can it be one of the hair loss creates?

Medical Study

According to, the levels of chlorine found in swimming pools can induce damages to the hair. Nevertheless, it is neither one of the hair loss creates nor does it induce hair thinning problems.

A research released in The Diary of Dermatology exposed that chlorine reasons discoloration and a modification in hair structure.

In the said study, a team of analysts analyzed 67 professional swimmers and 54 non-swimmers. The specialists revealed that 61 % of the swimmers showed indications of hair staining, compared with the non-swimmers.

The researchers also revealed that the hair discoloration coincided with surface damages of the swimmers’ nail plates due to the results of chlorine. Though the swimmers’ hair showed up drier, additional fragile and coarser compared to the non-swimmers’, they did not exhibit greater prices of hair loss and hair thinning problems.


Although the amount of chlorine located in swimming pools has currently been removed from the listing of hair loss induces, it induces hair damage by bonding itself to the hair, leading to effortlessly breakable hair and an onset of split-ends.

Preventing Hair Loss When Exposed To Chlorine

Individuals could lessen the effects of chlorine to the hair by utilizing organic shampoos and conditioners specifically produced to get rid of the chlorine content in the hair follicles.

It is also recommended to use a swimming cap when going for a swim in chlorinated water. Wetting the hair prior to swimming can also minimize the quantity of chlorine-soaked up right into the hair cuticles.