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Modern Treatments For Slowing Down Or Preventing Hair Loss

Modern Treatments For Slowing Down Or Preventing Hair Loss    

Among Them Are Medications, Laser Treatments, And Vitamins.    

According to estimates, more than 60% of men will begin losing their hair by mid to late 30s. Some men just accept it and adopt the trend of shaving their head completely. Others look for a remedy that will stop or slow down hair loss because there is no miracle drug to help grow hair again. There are some techniques and medications that can help the latter. The first one is just relaxation. This is because anxiety and stress promote the production of a hormone called cortisol, which prepares the body for a dangerous situation, diverting the blood from the less required organs (such as hair follicles) t the muscles. Extended exposure to cortisol sets the follicles on a resting phase, preventing hair growth. There are also medications like Rogaine (also known as Minoxidil), which is applied topically to decrease hair loss. Another medication is Finasteride (also known as Propecia), Which is taken orally. However, it might have erectile dysfunction or diminished libido as a side effect. Laser treatments are also an alternative, which uses low-powered lasers to stimulate follicles. Also, another treatment is based on vitamin D ingestion. Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that leads to baldness, has been associated with a deficiency in vitamin D. Check all the solutions for slowing down or preventing hair loss. Additional info click here.


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    It Must Include Salmon, Broccoli, Sardines, And Dark Chocolate


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    However, Side Effects Are The Same


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    It Resulted In New Hair Growth In Head, Face And Arms After 8 Weeks


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    Using A Wig Requires Special Care For The Natural Hair Under It

    It Can Suffocate The Follicles And Cause Breakage


    Hair Loss Can Be A Symptom Of Vitamin D Deficiency

    Other Symptoms Are Extreme Tiredness, Sleepiness, And Pain.


    Laser Hair Removal Is Not For Everyone

    There Are Restrictions For Certain Hair Colors Which Do Not Work With The Laser


    Getting Thick Hair The Natural Way

    Among Them Are Avoiding Sulfate-Based Shampoos, Daily Washing, And Excessive Use Of Dry Shampoo


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