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This week we have interesting info: Did you know that there are now procedures to regenerate tissue for hair grown with the patient’s own blood? Also, aloe vera is great for skin and hair, natural treatment to get rid of dandruff, the truth about anti-aging products, following a vegan diet could be bad for the hair, a proper diet for hair care, how to speed up the hair growth process, learning the secrets for having a healthy hair, identifying symptoms of body disorders, pattern baldness related to prostate cancer, and more.

Aloe Vera For The Skin? Also A Great Treatment For The Hair

Aloe vera is widely used in products for skin treatments. However, it is also useful for hair treatment. Clears the hair follicles, breaks down the scalp cell for new growth and balances the hair pH. More here.

Hate Dandruff? Here Are Some Natural Treatments

Dandruff gives a careless look. Worse if the person is using dark clothes. There are many shampoos in the market to treat it. However, there are also natural treatments. More here.

The Truth About Anti-Aging Products And Treatments

Aging is a natural process, resulting from the cumulative damages to our cells. Many products claim that they can reverse the aging process. This is far from true. However, we can delay or minimize the effects of aging. More here.

New Procedure To Regenerate Tissue For Hair Grown With The Patient’s Own Blood

A new procedure, using platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood, stimulates the body to regenerate and heal tissue for hair growth. More here.

Thinking On Following The Vegan Diet? It Could Be Bad For Your Hair

Vegan diet is a trend, but it could be removing vital nutrients, which affect the quality of the hair. A poor nutritional diet can cause the hair to become brittle and to break easily. More here.

Take Care Of Your Hair With A Good Diet

Host people are worried in using only a good shampoo. However, having a high-protein diet, leafy vegetables and opega-3 supplements is also helpful. Also drinking water and avoiding blow-dryers, among others. More here.

Worried That Your Hair Is Growing Too Slow? Check These Tips

Hair grows faster than any other tissue n your body: 6 inches per year. In some cases, it might seem it is growing very slow. Among the solutions are detoxing the scalp, energizing the roots and adding protein. More here.

Secrets To Having A Healthy Hair: Check The Details

To have a great hair, it is good to understand the details about it: what are the growth phases, how to strengthen it and feed it, the correct hair-diet, and hair styling and coloring. More here.

Identifying Body Disorders: Early Signs

Many people with eating disorders are not aware they have a problem. Early signs include body insecurity, a change in eating habits and in appearance, with weight fluctuations and hair loss. More here.

Pattern Baldness Related To A High Risk In Prostate Cancer

A study has found that there is a relation between pattern baldness by the age 45 and a high risk of acquiring prostate cancer. The pattern baldness is at the front of the head and the crown. More here.

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